Storm Kings Thunder

Arrival at Nightstone

1st Session

The party arrives to find the draw bridge lowered to a village that has taken damage from some sort of bombardment. As they enter into town they first approach the temple to investigate the continuous ringing of a large bell. Making their way to the steeple they come across a pair of goblins joyfully swinging on the rope tethered to the bell. The goblins notice them and quickly defend themselves from the intruding adventurers. 

As the combat continues a goblin makes a break for it calling for help to two worgs and several other goblins near by.

When the monsters are subdued or forced to retreat the adventures continue to search the town for surviving villagers. Searching the inn they come across a traveling monk named Kella Darkhope (F).  She informs the party that a group of cloud giants attacked the village and made off with the town squares large black obelisk that the town is named for. This attack scared off the villagers forcing them to retreat out of town, and soon after a group of goblins came in and started to rummage through the village looting all the houses and causing mayhem to the animals that were left behind.

When all the goblins were handled the party finished a search of the town only to find that Kella is the only one left so far.

Other creatures found: 2 Chickens, 2 pigs, 5 Draft horses, 5 Riding horses, 1 Trysslem (Rillix)


Woohooo!!! We successfully finished our first session! I’m gonna make Rillix my best friend.

Arrival at Nightstone

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