Sass Esa


A charming Half-Elf sorcerer, who loves long walks in the night, fire, and WiLd MaGiC.


Sass Esa’s sorcery power was forced upon her when a faerie dragon’s son fell madly in love with her. Sass, unable to reciprocate the love of a young dragon, broke his heart. The young dragon’s father forced wild magic upon Sass for all eternity, uncontrollable and endangering the one’s she loves most. Due to the unpredictability of wild magic, Sass left everything she’s known to walk the world as an isolated soul, where she can no longer hurt others.

And then, Sass found adventuring, where wild magic was just as destructive (or productive) as any other adventurer’s abilities. Once finding her place in the world, Sass was able to focus her energy on more important things, like Charisma.

Sass Esa

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