Canthar Foe-Bear

Muscualr, toned and tattoed warrior of the Uthgardt Tribes.


AC 15 hp 35
Favored weapons: The Great Axe known as Bear’s Roar and the twin throwing axes, The Bear’s teeth.


The are many tribes among the Utgardt Barbarians. This is a well known fact to the world at large. What is not known is there is a hidden tribe among the Utgardt. Not a large tribe for it is populated with one member of the other tribes. The one among them that most exemplifies its traditions, values and ideologies. This member is selected to represent the tribe amongst this hidden tribe. The members of this hidden tribe then travel the world doing works that display the might and prowess of the Utgardt. Canthar Foe-Bear such a barbarian. Chose by his tribe to represent them among the Tribe known as THE UTGARDT FIRENDS!!! Woe be to the evil doer and ne’er do well while Foe-Bear is near.

Canthar Foe-Bear

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