Storm Kings Thunder

Turmoil at Nightstone
2nd Session

The party awoke in the temple to a new day. They made their way to the keep, finding four guards in debate on how to handle the situation at hand. Their leader, Lady Nandar, was killed during the attack from the giants and all the villagers are nowhere to be found. Evanaras being rude to the guards is asked to leave the keep as they see to the preparations of the burial of Lady Nandar.

The party learns that the villagers had sought refuge in caves to the north and agree to go and seek them out and bring them back home safely at the request of the guards. as the guards stay behind and see to burying of Lady Nandar and the start of repairs to the village.

As the party enters the town square they noticed that Kella Darkhope is trying to lower the drawbridge and permit entrance to a group of bounty hunters that await outside. Aiding her with the bridge seven riders enter. Kella Darkhope seeming familiar with the leader of this group points out to him that some members of the party might give help to their secret goals.

Xolkin Alassandar, the leader of the bounty hunters, approaches the parties Zhent members and ask for details of what was found in the keep. Learning of the death of Lady Nandar and that a few guards remain, he hires them to dispose of the guards so that the Zhentarian may make a base of operations in Nightstone with less reluctance from the residents of the village.

Agreeing to these terms Jove, Evanaras and Tara inform the others that they are going to seek the gaurds out and that Evanaras is going to apologize for his rudeness to the guards over Lady Nandars death.

The rest of the party find suspicion that they are breaking away from finding the villagers as they had planned prior to the arrival of Xolkin and his fellow riders. Roostin sneaks over to hear what it is that Kella Darkhope and Xolkin are saying in private to discover that They are members of the Zhentarian sent by one named the Snail and are on orders to claim the village of Nightstone as a base of operations and that the other members of the party have agreed to dispose of the guards at Xolkin's request.

Learning of this the rest of the party heads back to the keep to make sure no unnecessary bloodshed will take place seeing how this village has suffered enough.

By the time everyone has made it to the keep, the remaining guards have been persuaded to leave and seek safety in Waterdeep to the north, but refuse to leave until Lady Nandar is buried the family crypt.

With the removal of the gaurds Xolkin expresses his gratitude to the Zhent party members and rewards them with payment as promised.

The party is now ready to seek out the villagers.

Arrival at Nightstone
1st Session

The party arrives to find the draw bridge lowered to a village that has taken damage from some sort of bombardment. As they enter into town they first approach the temple to investigate the continuous ringing of a large bell. Making their way to the steeple they come across a pair of goblins joyfully swinging on the rope tethered to the bell. The goblins notice them and quickly defend themselves from the intruding adventurers. 

As the combat continues a goblin makes a break for it calling for help to two worgs and several other goblins near by.

When the monsters are subdued or forced to retreat the adventures continue to search the town for surviving villagers. Searching the inn they come across a traveling monk named Kella Darkhope (F).  She informs the party that a group of cloud giants attacked the village and made off with the town squares large black obelisk that the town is named for. This attack scared off the villagers forcing them to retreat out of town, and soon after a group of goblins came in and started to rummage through the village looting all the houses and causing mayhem to the animals that were left behind.

When all the goblins were handled the party finished a search of the town only to find that Kella is the only one left so far.

Other creatures found: 2 Chickens, 2 pigs, 5 Draft horses, 5 Riding horses, 1 Trysslem (Rillix)


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